Noisy Tenants & Mervo High School

Mervo is a trade school in Baltimore City and one of the largest schools in the city at that. They feature trades like nursing, accounting, culinary arts, and welding just to name a few, and they thrive to offer an experience that impacts students live forever.

After meeting with the principal we were able to design a program plan that pushed the school’s agenda for the year, access to our network of resources and created opportunities for students to gain entrepreneurial skills.

Our Process
Encouraged collaboration, intensive brainstorming, problem solving. talked through ideas, didnt discard them based on grandness or being unorthodex. talked it though wittled away to a plan that could be executed. found strengths of each student and captilized on it. encouraged exploration and strwtching ones self.
Our Approach
Honesty and authenticity. Get to know the students. Be flexible. be accountable Listen! Recieve input and proceed from there. Allow students to lead explorations. Encourage and uplift. Be an example.
An initial prject during homecoming. Various small aitivities in the middle. Soft launch as a delivery service and final capstone project which was a restaurant executed for one week at R. House, led by the students. Students reciefved expereince in idea exploration, proposal and work plan developmen t, marketing, event planning, how to find and reach out to resources.
Special Thanks
  • Principal Philip Rivers
  • Natasha Blake
  • Jermaine Skinner
  • Stephanie Hsu
  • Tenne Thrower
  • Regina Sailley
  • Ms. Schults
  • Ms. Jones
  • Chef Sy
  • Jatira
  • Noah
  • Jenae
  • Jada
  • Mikayla
  • Deandre
  • Kevin
  • Will
  • Sher're
  • Story
  • J'mere
  • Malek
  • Deandra
  • Parrish